Know so you can grow

A successful business needs to keep track of every dollar—not just at tax time, but all the time.

Your bookkeeper records, tracks and reports on your business’s transactions, so you always know where you stand financially.

A good bookkeeper works with you, so you can plan better, work better, run your business better, and worry less.

For over two decades we’ve helped local small businesses stay on top of their finances, so they can concentrate on other things–like growth.

Tax Ready

Tax Day is just another day

Christie works with clients - 69K

Paying taxes is painful enough for a small business. Preparing your own taxes can make it even worse.

Organizing your information and keeping up with changes in tax law takes up time you could spend doing more important things—like growing your business.

Essential Accounting Support puts your financial information together for you, so you don’t have that extra workload—or panic– at tax time.

You don’t have keep track of every new change in tax and filing law. Tax day is just another day.

We Do More

So you can too

Christi reviews work with client - 82K

We put your business, and how you do it, first.  We combine our experience and knowledge with yours, and suggest ways to use your money more effectively.

We do “shoebox recovery” but more than that, we’ll get you out of the shoebox. We know that financials are more than just numbers and compliance

We help you transform your financials from an annual burden into up-to-date information that can help your business grow.

We do work that we love to do so that you can do the work you love to do.

Increase Profits. Reduce Stress.

Customized bookkeeping means greater insight, control and peace of mind.

Christie walks with client - 108KWe’re a Good Neighbor

At EAS, your bookkeeper is your neighbor–a small business owner who lives and works near you.  We grew up here, and we’ve watched this community develop from a small town to a thriving urban center, thanks in large part to the efforts of sole proprietors and small businesses growing into medium-sized businesses and beyond.  We’ve benefited from the community spirit here and we want to help other Seattle/Eastside small businesses make the most of  this remarkable area as well.

We are committed to providing affordable accounting solutions to our clients and to building relationships that keep our community healthy and strong.  You can be sure we never outsource any of our bookkeeping services.  We are here for your business because there is nowhere we would rather be.

“Christie helped me set up my business from scratch. She walked me through getting my business registered with the state and setting up QuickBooks. She’s highly knowledgeable and takes a lot of the fear/anxiety out of running a small business. She’s also patient and kind and that makes all the difference when dealing with the side of the business that I’m not an expert in. Now I can spend my time helping clients–not worrying about the books.”

– Rebecca, Owner, Trustworthy Marketing